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Information contained in this brochure is believed to be accurate BUT NOT GUARANTEED. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the Developer. For the correct representations, make reference to the purchase agreement and to the documents required by 718.503, Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. The sketches, renderings, floor plans, graphic materials, feature plans, condos for sale, and specifications described herein are proposed only, and the Developer reserves the right to modify, revise, or withdraw any or all of the same in its sole description and without prior notice.

If you are offering to sell stock or membership interest in the company then that requires a whole different set of analysis and disclosures that fall under the SEC and blue sky laws. If that is the case, we need to consult with an attorney that specializes in securities and offerings under the blue sky laws and SEC regulations. As an example of those types of disclosures I am attaching a couple of sample offerings so you can see the complexities of such offerings.

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