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The principals at Urban Capital have over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate market with over $2 billion in transactions. The group previously executed the same business plan in the early and mid-2000s in South Florida with great success in both the single-family and multifamily markets. The group has already developed over 70 properties and is producing more than 11% returns on each property, meeting or exceeding performance.

With projects in Florida, Texas, & Colorado, UNCG is focused on building eco-friendly and family communities that integrate with the environment and meet the demand and expectations of all their residences.

From single-family homes, townhomes & condos-hotels to commercial developments, they combined innovative design & quality to create outstanding communities.

The company capitalizes itself with a private investment fund specifically created to support its projects. Semiactive and only added value capital partners form part of the company’s investment fund, providing added
value and direction to the board. Thus allowing the company to execute its projects with below-standard institutional bank debt.


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Concepto Taller de Arquitectura is an architecture, design, and real estate development firm founded in Mexico City in 2011, focused on satisfying its clients in the development and transformation of their spaces.


CTA’s proposal is personalized and offers a transparent relationship to achieve functional and quality projects. They integrate architectural design, interior design, project management, finance, and operation within their team.

IPG Florida Vacation Homes has been in the Central Florida real estate and property management business since 1989. They make finding the perfect vacation or investment property simple and affordable.

They are one of the largest management companies in Central Florida and have offices in Kissimmee, Celebration, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Beach (FL), Atlanta (GA), and the UK. In 2016, they expanded vacation rentals to the Florida Gulf Coast when they acquired Bay Pointe Vacation Rentals.

Together, they manage over 650 homes.
Over 5,000 Homes Sold

They are amongst the top 3 Central Florida vacation home providers in home variety and quantity. Their Realtors are well trained, know the Orlando and surrounding areas, and keep more than up-to-date with what properties are currently available where. They are by your side throughout the buying process to ensure a pleasant and stress-free experience.


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Location3 Investments is a real estate private equity and development firm focused on creating a unique investment thesis, based on an unparalleled understanding of economic cycles. The main goal is to obtain above market risk-adjusted returns by finding supply/demand imbalances in different sectors in the real estate industry, and partner up with best-in-kind local operators/developers depending on the location and asset type.

Extensive experience and knowledge of the international real estate market.

Since 2008, the company has built a strong reputation working with the highest standards of fiduciary care, transparent communication, and excellent investment performance with our investment partners. Strong pedigree demonstrated by a diverse track record and history of delivering highly competitive returns while showing an ability to structure complex transactions. Strong local relationships allowed them to capitalize on off-market transactions by sourcing deals directly from property owners, developers, and banks.

Solid banking, capital, and lending relationships across Florida, nationally and internationally. Strict selection of Development Partners, Property Managers, and extending team members (attorneys, CPA, banks, title company, surveyors, architects, etc). Experienced team with superior underwriting skills across all several real estate submarkets at different points in the real estate cycle. Proven analytical dexterity, execution capabilities, and financial skills with the ability to identify hidden value and implement value-added strategies in different real estate sectors.

V&V Real Estate Group is a leading company in the real estate business with more than 25 years of experience. They are a company focused on the needs and desires of its clients, in search of excellence, with a technical and professional team that focuses on achieving excellence in every detail of their real estate projects.

Over the years, V&V has shown that its clients can buy their properties with complete peace of mind, whether in the plans or the construction stage, trusting that they will be satisfied when they see their finished property, with all the details and characteristics promised. They strive to bring its core values, expertise, and integrated customer-focused team approach as they deliver value, quality, and attention to detail on the facade and interior of each project.

V&V Real Estate group combines a high-quality workforce and impeccable customer service to turn your dreams into reality.

We currently have more than 13 real estate projects for sale located in the best districts of Lima.


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